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Active area groups

Team Name AD Secretaries Chairs
artarea Applications and Real-Time Area Open Meeting Murray Kucherawy Murray Kucherawy , Francesca Palombini
genarea General Area Open Meeting Lars Eggert Lars Eggert
iabopen IAB Open Meeting Mirja Kühlewind , Tommy Pauly
opsarea Operations & Management Area Open Meeting Warren "Ace" Kumari Warren "Ace" Kumari , Robert Wilton
rtgarea Routing Area Open Meeting Andrew Alston , Jim Guichard , John Scudder Andrew Alston , Jim Guichard , John Scudder
saag Security Area Open Meeting Roman Danyliw Roman Danyliw , Paul Wouters
witarea Web and Internet Transport Area Open Meeting Francesca Palombini Francesca Palombini , Zaheduzzaman Sarker