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Andrew Alston
Pronouns: he/him

Andrew Alston is CTO of Liquid Labs, the research and development arm of Liquid Telecommunications.

Originally from South Africa, Andrew started working full time in the industry at age 16 as a software consultant on AIX systems. From here, Andrew moved into the academic sector. Working first at the University of Cape Town as a network engineer, he then moved onwards to the position of Chief Technology Officer for TENET(the South African Research And Education Network). Here he was responsible for the design and roll out of what was at that point, Africa's largest and fastest network.

Andrew then relocated to Kenya, and joined Liquid as Group Head of IP Strategy, and has since taken the role of CTO of the R&D division.

Aside from the heavy focus on routing technologies, Andrew writes code (primarily in C, Golang and Assembler), primarily revolving around the testing and implementation of routing technologies as part of the R&D efforts into the latest technologies.

Outside of his professional life, Andrew enjoys spending time with family, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and spending time in the national parks trying to spot some of the more elusive wildlife.


Role Group Email
Area Director Routing Area Directorate (rtgdir)
Area Director BGP Enabled ServiceS (bess)
Area Director Pseudowire And LDP-enabled Services (pals)
Area Director Babel routing protocol (babel)
Area Director Bit Indexed Explicit Replication (bier)
Area Director Network Virtualization Overlays (nvo3)
Area Director Internet Engineering Steering Group (iesg)
Area Director Multiprotocol Label Switching (mpls)
Area Director Routing Area Open Meeting (rtgarea)
Area Director Routing Area (rtg)
Area Director Inter-Domain Routing (idr)
Area Director Time-Variant Routing (tvr)
Chair Routing Area Open Meeting (rtgarea)

RFCs (0)

Andrew has no RFCs as of 2024-02-26.

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Expired Internet-Drafts (8)

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