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Internet-Draft submission

By submitting your I-D, you are granting some rights to the IETF Trust. Before you submit your I-D, review the information in the Note Well and BCP 78, "Rights Contributors Provide to the IETF Trust".
Before you submit your I-D, it is recommended that you check it for nits using the idnits tool, and fix them.

Preferably, submit a standalone xml2rfc version 3 source file. You can use this online conversion service to convert your I-D to this format. (You may submit an older xml2rfc version 2 file if you must.)

Optional to submit, will be auto-generated based on the submitted XML. However, if you cannot for some reason submit XML, you must submit a plaintext rendering of your I-D.

Please send reports about submission tool bugs to the Tools Team using one of the Bug Report links at the bottom of the page.
If you run into problems submitting an Internet-Draft and need to request manual posting of an Internet-Draft, please send the Internet-Draft and the reason for manual posting to Be advised that manual processing always takes additional time.